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RentButton for Travel Management Companies

Offer more with commissionable professionally-managed vacation properties

TMCs book 20% of all travel

Short-term rental inventory is in high demand to supplement the traditional hotel inventory

Corporate travel represents 20% of all travel bookings and numerous multi-billion $ travel companies serve this marketplace. RentButton partners with these major B2B travel companies, such as $10B HotelPlanner and $1.6B Arrivia, as their exclusive provider of Professionally Managed STRs. Of note, RentButton does not represent individually owned/operated units.

Before RentButton arrived on the scene, short-term rental properties were not offered to the B2B marketplace. Today, when you list with us, your inventory will be - finally - offered to this massive marketplace.

Note that, when we talk about corporate travel, we are talking about both the business and the leisure travel of Corporate employees.

And through RentButton's direct API integration into your platform, travelers will be able to search, filter, find and book a great selection of professionally managed properties at less than the cost of Airbnb or Vrbo. 

So whether you're a Travel Management Company seeking professionally managed properties with the quality of care that your clients demand, or if you're a short-term property manager - RentButton brings it all together to delivers the solution to satisfying the demand of corporate travelers. 


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